Monday, December 19, 2011


The Vreelander Holiday Edition: Looking for an original gift? Here's one that is perfect for someone interested in global affairs from an intimate perspective...

Writing beautifully. Youssef Cohen tells his story as a man searching for memories of his mother, Odette, who passed away when he was just a little boy.

The adventure will take you around the world, from New York, to Venice, Sao Paulo, and Cairo. You won't travel as a tourist, but will be welcomed nostalgically by old friends and family, with all the bitter sweet joy and melancholy these relationships bring.

You will also travel through history: Amsterdam, Syria, Paris, Portugal, Buenos Aires... Wars and crises impose migration as neighborhoods, societies, even countries are crushed then reconstituted, and your friends and family make their lives, finding their way through life around the globe.

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