Monday, June 16, 2014

World Cup June 16

Some redemption yesterday. My rule of rooting for countries that have done the most to advance my career went 3 for 3, bringing my total record to 6 wins, 5 losses.

Here are today's picks:

Germany vs. Portugal: Easy. German co-authors include Axel Dreher, Martin Gassebner, Stephan Klasen, and Michael Lamla. We've published in Journal of Conflict Resolution (twice), Public Choice (twice), Economic Development and Cultural Change, European Economic Review, and Journal of Development Economics. Plus, Axel and I just published a book with Cambridge University Press! These guys have made a major impact on my career and my life. Gotta root for their home country today!

Iran vs. Nigeria: Other than great students from these countries, I haven't had much contact. So I'll pick the country that appears the most times in my new book with Axel about the United Nations Security Council. Iran comes up 21 times, Nigeria 29. Plus, I wrote a bit about Nigeria in my first book. Go Nigeria!

Ghana vs. United States: Rematch with the team that stopped us during the last World Cup. Gotta go with my own home country here!

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