Wednesday, June 18, 2014

World Cup June 18

Using my fun rule to pick countries that have done the most to help my career, I had an ok day yesterday: 1 win, 2 ties, and no losses. I'll take it. Overall record is now 9-5-3. Today's picks:

Australia vs. Netherlands: Loved visiting Bond University in Australia (thanks to my friend Barry Williams), but it's hard to top the 3 publications with my friend and co-author Jan-Egbert Sturm (in JDE, JCR, and EER). Go Orange!

Spain vs. Chile: Time to give some love back to my friends at ESADE. Special shout out to the colleagues who have taught with me: Luisa Alemany, Fernando Ballabriga, and Pedro Parada. ¡Vamos EspaƱa!

Cameroon vs. Croatia: I've got nothing here. I'll pick the country that appears the most times in my new book with Axel Dreher about money and influence at the United Nations Security Council: 7 for Cameroon, and 1 for Croatia... but don't forget that Croatia used to be part of Yugoslavia, which appears 23 times in the book (but mostly in footnotes and the index)... Goodness, I have no idea what to do. Go Cameroon.

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