Friday, June 20, 2014

World Cup June 20

Still having a lot of fun rooting for the countries I have connections with... but not nearly with as much success as I had in 2010. I'm now at 11-8-4. But I just love watching these games and cheering for one team over another, which is why I never go for ties. So here are today's picks:

Italy v. Costa Rica: This time, I'm with my Italian co-authors: Silvia Marchesi and Paolo Spada (who published with me here and here).

Switzerland v. France: Studied abroad in France back in 1992. But what have you done for me lately? Nothing. And Switzerland has done so much! (Thank you, ETH. Thank you Review of International Organizations.) Hopp Schwiiz!!

Honduras v. Ecuador: Nothing. So, I'll choose the country that contributed the most to my recent book with Axel Dreher: Honduras appears once. Ecuador appears 17 times. (Makes you curious to see what we have to say about Ecuador, eh? The book is in stock and on sale at Amazon!) Meantime... ¡Vamos Ecuador!

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