Wednesday, June 25, 2014

World Cup June 25

One win, one tie, and two losses yesterday, bringing me to 20 wins, 13 losses, and 7 ties. Here are today's picks, using my rule of choosing teams according to what each country has done for my career:

Nigeria v. Argentina: Having taught at the Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM), my choice is clear. ¡Vamos Argentina!

Bosnia and Herzegovina v. Iran: If I didn't have a preference for actually rooting for a winner, I'd go with a 0-0 tie here - because that's what I've got with these country. Time to go to the index of my new book with Axel Dreher. What a battle! Iran makes 21 appearances, while Bosnia-Herzegovina appears 11 times. Iran it is.

Honduras v. Switzerland: Thank you, ETH. Thank you Review of International Organizations. Hopp Schwiiz!!

Ecuador v. France: I've got to go back to 1992 to find a connection with either of these countries: study abroad in the Sorbonne's cours de la civilisation française pour les étrangers. Vive la France.

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